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Buytition is a free web mail service that is specialized in helping you manage emails with car dealers. Buytition's patent pending email parser software reads dealer emails, identifies and extracts useful information such as price quotes which are then shared with all Buytition users, benefits of using Buytition include:

  1. Vehicle price quotes received by Buytition users in dealer emails are shared anonymously in All Quotes collection. Without requesting quote yourself, you may find out most up-to-date price quotes on your dream car that other Buytition users already received from dealers across country and over time.
  2. You are relieved from reading dealer emails yourself while getting more useful information out of them than before.
  3. You get access to more car deal and quotes information from a wider range of dealers than before.
  4. All your email communications with car dealers go to your buytition.com email address so privacy of your personal email address gets protected.
  5. There is no need for you to delete dealer emails ever again.
Buytition is super easy to use, here are the steps:
  1. You get a free buytition.com email address when you sign up, say johnsmith@buytition.com
  2. Whenever you request quotes online, just leave your buytition.com email, in this case: johnsmith@buytition.com
  3. You sit back and relax, as dealer emails flow in, Buytition's proprietary email parser reads every dealer email, finds out vehicles and their price quotes and save them to your account so that you can review at any time.
  4. After hiding your own personal information, these price quotes (not original email messages) are shared with other Buytition users, in return, you get access to price quotes received by other buytition users.
These services are offered free to all car buyers in US.

Email Reader Robot

Buytition's proprietary Email Reader Robot (watch demo video to see the robot in action) utilizes text mining technology to parse car shopping email messages and automatically create vehicle price quote reports from them. Here is a list of robot capabilities (as of July 2017):

  • Edmunds PricePromise emails: extract dealer, vehicle, price quote and MSRP information automatically
  • TrueCar Certified Dealer Quote emails: extract dealer, vehicle, price quote and MSRP information automatically
  • Emails from non-Edmunds car shopping sites such as CarGurus.com: extract vehicle and price quote information automatically
  • For eamils from any car dealers: extract dealer, vehicle, price quote and MSRP information automatically if they are available in the email message
All extracted dealer, vehicle, price quotes and MSRP information are displayed as a report to you in "My Quotes" section after you login.

Email Reader Robot is still at infancy stage, our goal is to give more and more strength to it overtime so that it will be able to do more and more sophisticated work of managing dealer emails traditionally done by car buyers manually.

Negotiation Robot

Buytition's proprietary Negotiation Robot leverages vehicle quote information extracted by Reader Robot, automatically finds better price quote in Buytition vehicle quote database for same make and model and similar year vehicle and reply dealer email and request dealer to match the found better vehicle quote.

My Quotes

When you shop for a new or used car, you usually need to request quotes from dealers using emails, then you need to find out the vehicle and quote information from dealer emails and write them down to review and compare. With Buytition Email Reader Robot, these efforts are no longer needed, as Buytition Robot reads dealer emails on your behalf, vehicles and price quotes are identified and extracted from them, you have full access to both these quotes as well as their underlying email messages.

Quotes in this collection are NOT validated manually by human so there may be errors, but the benefit is quotes are displayed to you on real time basis, in another words, whenever dealer emails with vehicle quotes flow in, you will see them immediately. You are also given read access to the underlying email messages for each quote, simply clicking on the message icon at far right of each quote.

Screen shot below is an example of car dealer email and vehicle price quote information automatically extracted from the dealer email

All Quotes

All Quotes is Buytition's aggregated database of vehicle price quotes / purchases collected from two sources:

  1. email messages received by ALL buytition users from dealers or car shopping sites such as Edmunds, Truecar, CarGuru etc. These quotes are automatically retrieved by reader robot. But before these quotes are published in All Quotes databsae, we do these steps:
    1. all personal identifiable information of email recipient (i.e. you as a user of buytition app) are taken out, leaving only the vehicle, dealer and price information;
    2. vehicle quotes are manually validated by humans to make sure they are accurate.
    After the validated anonymized vehicle quotes are published, everybody (no sign in needed) can search and read these quotes, but not the underlying messages (unless it is sent to your email address).
  2. public Internet, every day car shoppers voluntarily report price quotes or purchase or lease contract details on various Internet sites, a lot of them are public forums to help other car shoppers on their price research.

While Buytition Robot makes it much easier than before for you to get quotes from dealers, there are thousands of dealers across the US, yet usually you are in a hurry to find best price during your price research, even with the help of Buytition Robot, it is still a daunting task for you to check your dream car's quotes from all dealers across the country. Never mind, with the introduction of All Quotes feature, you are now able to find out your dream car's historical quotes across the country without even bothering to request quotes by yourself.

It's known commonly that at certain time vehicle price varies a lot across regions, but due to the difficulty of getting price quotes, it's hard for car buyers to actually reach out to dealers in various regions to get price quotes. Thanks to the Buytition technology that makes getting quotes much easier than before, now with a few simple clicks, car buyers can search and compare price quotes for their dream vehicle thousands miles away to dealers just a few miles away from them.

Screen shot below: Toyota Camry quotes across region and time

Dedicated Email Address

The free buytition.com email address you get at sign-up is dedicated to email-based negotiation with dealers only and it protects your personal email address from being flooded by dealer emails.